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Today, the menswear offer for accessories is divided between two types of products. The cheap offer sells bad confection and leather, with no guarantee that the product will hold. On another hand, the luxury offer is too expensive if you try to get a product of quality.

We decided to launch an ambitious project : to offer a belt with an exceptional leather and an exceptional confection, like the ones you can get in the luxury world, at a reasonable price, in a limited edition.

Tannerie Degermann peau BaranilA high quality leather

Our first goal is to offer a unique and durable product, that you will be able to pass one generation to the other. Our product is handcrafted in a full grain calfskin of quality, from the most noble part of the animal.

This leather has been chosen for its qualities and its durability. With time, he will get a nice patina. This leather is called a “crust”, because it didn’t receive any coloration nor chemical treatment before the belt’s confection.

Noble italian originslogo bw-yw revenge hom crust

Thanks to Valérie, the “Revenge Hom”‘s shop director, in Strasbourg, and thanks to her many contacts in Italy, we were able to make our belts handcrafted in Italy, near Bologna. This company is specialized in high-value confection, and it employs 30 people. Many luxury brands work with this company, founded in 1968.

All the materials used for these belts are high-quality and guarantee the authenticity and thedurability to the final products.

A confection from the luxury worldcrust bw-yw et pochons en lin

The confection of our belts stands on two commitments :

– We wanted a durable and a solid product, that was able to handle all of the constraints.

– We wanted a modern design that could adapt to many situations and styles.

The belt is 3.5 cm width, which makes it adaptable to suits, jeans and chinos.

This is a double leather belt : the clothing workshop uses a high quality glue, used at high pressure, guaranteeing an excellent longevity for the product. This glue brings high solidity and allows to offer a very refined design.

The solid brass buckle is also made in Italy, with a length of 4.5 cm.

A handcrafted beltemilie patine

Once the belts were crafted, we wanted to keep searching to offer a unique product. We contacted a leather colorist – Emilie – who learnt everything from the Corthay company.

Together, we chose three different patinas : a brown one, a blue one, and a grey one.

Every single belt is brush-coloured by hand and every single one has unique colors that will embellish in time.

We finally obtained a durable, authentic and unique object.

How to find your length ?tableau des tailles

It is very simple to find your length : refer to the table. For an ideal length, the buckle’s pin must be inserted in the third hole. You might also notice that any cobbler should be able to cut it anyway, in two minutes.

How to clean up your belt ?via toscanini zoom

It’s a very simple operation. use a hydrating balm (from the Saphir brand) once a month for a daily wear.

Some outfits with Via Toscanini

look via toscanini marron

For a denim look or in a preppy one, the brown belt is a perfect match. With shoes, it creates contrasts and brings some preppy to the outfit.

look via toscanini bleu petrole

 The blue model matches very well with a pair of grey jeans or with a very classical pants. On the left, Adrien wear a formal outfit : shoes and belt match perfectly together. On the right, the outfit is more casual, because of the sneakers.

look via toscanini graphite

The grey belt will probably matches with a larger range of outfits : from the simple and dark ones, with jeans, to the formal ones, with suits.

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