English reporters Wanted !

Hi Everybody !

You probably didn’t see that “Be What You Wear” is going to become more english friendly !
For this reaser, we’re searching for english speaking writers / reporters which are interested in Fashion, trends, craft…
Adrien, our team and I could speak english, but we’re not native and moreover, we’re actually working on french part of the blog and creating our first collaboration with designers !

For all these reasons, we can’t do the english part of the job and are looking for and english team to work with !

If you’re interested in, just for an article a year or for managing the english team, just send us and email at jeremy @ bw-yw.com with subject ” Bw-Yw English team” and tell us how we could work together ! We’ll answer to everybody.

Have a nice day, and hope to read you soon !

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